Atlast… meron na akong naisipan na blog name. this will be my official tumblr account (kuno…) Skeleton pa lang to. hehehe.. but i will update soon. hope to see you there!

 # 50 : It’s TIME

End of the road. 50 pictures (sets) using 50 mm lens with 34 sets of Hiccups.

The best way to end this project is to thank the people who encouraged me take pictures. Big thanks to Glen, Noland, Angela, and the rest of my closest buddies, Team Zaido. Kharen, who do not have tumblr account, for the biiiiiiig encouragement <3.

To my new friends on Tumblr, thank you very much for the wonderful comments.

I am closing this project but will still continue to post new pictures on a new blog, that i will make very soon. 

Thank you and See you all soooooooon :)

Glen -

Noland -

# 49 : Greens

# 48 : McDonald’s Butuan Centro Branch

Before i left Butuan, this new McDo branch was still under construction. The place is so stragetic (near schools and other food chains) that i predicted that this will be a new tambayan. And i was right! Very hippy, cool interiors, well lighted and have long tables (intended for barkadas). 

Bdway this shot i took at Jollibee just across the street. :)

# 47 : McCafe

Co-Co-L (cocol) - Coffee Coffee lang.. 

# 46 : Mcdo Meet-up

# 45 : Raindrops 2

# 44 : Raindrops

Hiccup Set # 34: Last Glimpse of Saudi Arabia.. (mobile shots)

Hiccup Set # 33: Breakwater

Hiccup Set # 32: Last few shots i took in Jubail Corniche.

Hiccup Set # 31: Mobile shots

Without You ~

"Wake up feel the air that i’m breath’n,

I can’t explain this feeling that i’m feel’n

i won’t go another day without you….”

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